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Use The ‘Ek Plate’ App In Mumbai To Find A Street Food Vendor Near You Featured

Website: Hungry Forever Date: 28th January 2017
Mumbai is famous its street food; from vada pavs to dosas to samosas to chaat, each street has a couple of stalls which dish out delicious food each day. However, with the exception of a few famous vendors (the Cannon pav bhaji stall at VT, for instance), most of these street stalls remain anonymous; even the people who stop at them each day on the way to work or college would be hard-pressed to remember their names. That’s where Ek Plate, a Mumbai based food start up founded by Harsh Shah comes in. It aims to be the ‘Zomato’ of street food’ by getting the multitude of street food vendors in the city, and indeed, the country on its platform giving them recognition and creating awareness. AN ORGANISED PLATFORM FOR STREET FOOD Using Ek Plate, food lovers can search for street food in their area and choose the vendors they’ll go to based on ratings. Along with ratings of the food quality, they’ll be able to see information about the hygiene and cleanliness of the stalls – major considerations when it comes to street food. To give the stalls these ratings, the EK Plate team visited street stalls across Mumbai and created a data base of the vendors. “We judge them on their surroundings, methods of preparation, freshness of ingredients, cleanliness of the towel used to wipe counters etc,” said Pooja Singh, a member of the EK Plate team in Mumbai. At present, Ek Plate has over 7,500 vendors and over 100 types of dishes listed on its platform. In the future, it hopes to expand to other cities across India.
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