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Kadhi Kachori A Delicious Hidden Street Food From Rajasthan #ekplate #ekplateapp #streetfood

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Kadhi Kachori is a delicious and fulfilling street food, it is a fusion of two Rajasthani delicacies – the Rajasthani kadhi, and Rajasthani kachori.
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A signature item of the Ajmer region, it is famous throughout the state, from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. Traditionally a breakfast item, it is also savored as a quick lunch option and an evening snack too.
Rajasthani kachori differs from the rest of it's spicy and flavourful moong daal filling. The kadhi prepared with besan and curd, on other hands, has a burst of flavors and adds warmth to the taste buds. Combine them and add a mix of onions, coriander leaves and sweet chutney and behold!  A satiating, lip-smacking and heavenly delicacy is at your mercy, waiting to be devoured and cleaned off your plate.
It is enjoyed at any time of the day. So go on, try some, either in the kitchen making this heavenly dish, or at a vendor enjoying a cheap plate. After all, a steamy, tasty, foodgasm-ing thought of Kadhi Kachori is one of the few things that could get you out of your bed on a foggy, winter morning.
This one is very traditional recipe straight from Ajmer. Honestly, like Ek plate was one of those people who never heard of this combination before but after trying it Ek plate has found his new love <3
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