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Ek Plate: This blessed app connects you with the best street food vendors across Mumbai! Featured

WEBSITE: India.com DATE: 22nd Feburary 2017
All foodies will know what we’re talking about when we say that there are sometimes when we feel intense and unnecessary cravings for pani puris and bhel puris. When these cravings strike, we have to merely satiate ourselves with the nearest pani puri street vendor, because every street corner in Mumbai sure as hell has at least one stall selling bhel puris or chana jor garams. But what if you get really specific cravings for the pani puris that you ate at that particular corner of this particular street and area and you can’t remember the name or the exact location of that vendor for the life of you? There is an application that lets you locate practically any street food vendor in Mumbai. All you have to do is sign yourself up and fill in the location and the app will take you to your favourite gol gappe waale bhaiya. This blessed application is called Ek Plate and it already has 7,500 vendors enlisted with it. The app functions like any other food ordering app, except that this one’s just an information database of the best street vendors serving your best-loved lip-smacking treats, without providing any sort of delivery service. TO read more chick here: http://www.india.com/lifestyle/ek-plate-this-blessed-app-helps-you-locate-the-best-street-food-vendors-near-you-1860551/
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